Nowadays a problem of education is important

choose subjects for studying , others suppose that children should study all subject. Who is right?

should study subjects, which they like. Firstly , I think that if children choose only subjects ,which they want, they will study them better because of their interest in them. Secondly, I know , that it is difficult to learn a lot of subjects in the high school , and many

choice , children will choose their own way for all life.

ntion that children should not make this decision, because nowadays children would not like to study at all , and if they take choice about studying, they

choose a little bit of subjects , but for being a person they should develop in all ways, only then

children become people.

should learn subjects , for which they will earn a lot of money.

All in all, children should make their own choice , and then they decide one of the most important problem in life of people.

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