My school


Practically all my life up till now has been connected with school. So to speak about school is to speak about my life.

building with a big sports-ground, a yard with beautiful flower-beds. On the sports-ground we have our PE lessons when the weather is good.

’s room, the headmaster’s office, a library are on the first floor. There is a large hall on the second floor and we often hold our meetings and organize concerts there.

On the walls of the corridors you can see many pictures. There are light curtains on the windows and lots of flowers on the window-sills.

: computers, TV-sets, projectors and etc.

are always interesting and positive.

and excursions, take part in sports competitions, try to learn well and help each other in studies.

games, school Olympiads. There activities are popular with pupils, teachers and parents as they help to create a team spirit.

So, you can see that our social and cultural life is well organized.

I like my school. It provides me with knowledge of different subjects. It gives us good education. And education is very important for everyone. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power, freedom, independence and confidence.


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